Current Priorities

Complete Streets

We advocate for policies with local municipalities to ensure streets are designed, built, and maintained for the safety and enjoyment of users of all ages and abilities, an approach known as Complete Streets. With a growing number of residents walking and bicycling to get where they want to go, it is imperative that cities use Complete Streets designs that plan for and accommodate everyone. Alabama ranks 5th in the nation in terms of pedestrian deaths - Complete Streets helps planners incorporate pedestrian and bike safety and awareness into street design. These policies also benefit local economies by empowering our non-driving residents, such as the elderly, differently abled, or teens below the driving age. Over 30% of U.S. citizens don't or can't drive - that's a third of economic buying power that could be supporting local businesses, the building blocks of many of our communities. Complete Streets provides alternate choices for city planners and engineers, giving more citizens of Alabama greater access to safer, more diverse transportation options and opportunities for physical activity.   

Gulf Restoration

Forever Wild


Historic Tax Credit

Electing Conservation-Minded Officials to Represent Your Values

In addition to working with our elected officials once they are in office, we also promote conservation-minded candidates that share your values and love for the outdoors.  We are currently analyzing races throughout the state as we prepare to endorse and support candidates that will work to protect your interests and the places you love.