© Charles Seifried

© Charles Seifried

Be a Citizen Advocate

At Conservation Alabama, we work to make sound environmental policies and values a political reality. We also realize that we can't accomplish these goals without the help of informed and dedicated citizens like you. Whether you are a hunter, fisher, outdoor enthusiast, or concerned parent, you have a stake in a clean, safe and healthy environment. You can also have a tremendous impact by getting involved today. 

Participation in the political process can range from voting to contributing financially to a campaign, writing to your representatives, or even meeting with elected officials to discuss policy issues important to you. After all, they are representatives, and as such, need information and feedback from their constituents in order to make effective, responsible policy decisions that reflect your values.  

Below are some general guidelines for building effective communication with your representative. You can learn more about grassroots lobbying, the state legislature, and the legislative process in the links at the bottom of this page.  

General Tips:

1. Be aware of who represents you at both state and local levels. 

2. Stay in regular, respectful contact with your representative.  Personal letters and phone calls are usually the most effective form of communication, but email is also a good way to get in touch.

3. Ask them questions about policy decisions and issues that are important to you. 

4. Find ways to volunteer or get involved with a candidate's campaign if your conservation values are a part of their platform.

5. Write letters to the editor of your local paper on conservation issues important to you.


Additional Resources:

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