Will you protect the Forever Wild Land Trust? Yes.

Will you publicly oppose any bills that threaten the Forever Wild Land Trust? Yes.

In order to protect our freshwater resources, do you support the completion of a comprehensive water plan for Alabama?

What is your vision for how oil spill dollars can be utilized to restore coastal Alabama?
To invest in innovative solutions that utilize repurposed recyclables in order to provide cost effective solutions that help clean up our waterways while lowering the states carbon footprint.

Will you support legislation that would increase Alabamians’ ability to choose solar energy for their homes and businesses?

What do you think are the most important conservation issues in Alabama right now? Land and water.

In your opinion, what is the governor’s role in supporting conservation in Alabama?
The Governors role is to actively promote policy that protects our natural resources and promotes clean renewable energy resources as an alternative to our dependency on fossil fuel.

Please describe any experience you have with Alabama’s natural environment or with conservation.
I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast that has an extensive platform that focus on using the recycling industry as a key element for economic growth of the state. Much of my policy is a direct result of working with organizations that promote clean renewable energy policies and legislation.